Calvin and the Clone Monkeys: Yes I Know

calvin and the clone monkeys-yes i know

Meet: Calvin and the Clone Monkeys

Introducing the new band, Calvin and the Clone Monkeys. From what we’ve been able to gather: In a bizarre twist of fate, 5 complete strangers from different places around the world happened to cross paths, literally, at the same time in New York Central Park. Their striking resemblance and shared musical interest posed a challenge to mere coincidence. Questions abounded, opinions raged, and hunger finally distracted them with the aroma of a nearby Mexican place, known for its excellent chimichangas. Surprisingly, it was something they could all agree upon. And there, within that dimly lit hole-in-the-wall, the idea of Calvin and the Clone Monkeys gestated, deep fried and crispy.

Their first single, Yes I Know, was written by the lead singer, Calvin, for his wife many years ago before they were married. Having no better ideas to offer at the moment, the rest of the Clone Monkeys agreed and jumped on board the project. Unfortunately, the keyboardist, who pestered everyone about being punctual to the recording, ironically missed his own flight to the studio, and therefore does not appear in the video.

When asked about what style of music we can expect in the future, Dirk Wildenlander (Australia, lead guitarist) responded, “It’s just fair dinkum. It’s all red, all of it. I’m stoked. Except we might see a bit of blue, but that ain’t London to a brick.” The bassist, Rui Dos Santos (Portugal) replied, “What steel? You can steel expect beautiful steel of my strings of the music. We will be there all of the days, playing wheat our hearts, you don’t understand?” And Bert Monetti, the drummer (New Jersey), “I ain’t never playing with them losers again.” We’re not quite certain what all of it means, but we wish the best to Calvin and the Clone Monkeys!”

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