New Video: Santa’s Prayer Narrated


Santa’s Prayer Narrated

As many of you know, in 2014, we successfully raised funds through to publish a new illustrated Christmas book called Santa’s Prayer. While the response to the book has been truly amazing, we were also surprised by the positive feedback we’ve received on the fundraising video itself, where Calvin narrated parts of the book to accompany the illustrations.

This year, as an additional thank you to everyone who supported us through fundraising or later purchasing of Santa’s Prayer, We’d like to dedicate this video presentation of Santa’s Prayer narrated. We hope you enjoy it and will feel free to share it with as many folks as you can to help us spread some Christmas spirit.

We are also pleased to announce . . .

We’ve launched our new Pixelarius website! In preparation for our goal of completing many more projects and releasing tons more content this next year, we wanted a site that was cleaner, easier to navigate, and would work well across multiple platforms. Come and see our upcoming releases, and sign up to receive news, project updates and deals!

Santa’s Prayer book available at, and after December 10th:

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